Abstract Submission

  1. Online abstracts will be collected from http://kongre2018.toraks.org.tr web page. Abstracts which send by e-mail or manual delivery will not be accepted.
  2. Abstracts send as poster and oral presentation.
  3. Abstracts are limited with 400 word. System will not allow to be written with more than 400 word.
  4. The type of font for the abstracts is standardized by the system, and it is not possible to use different font types.
  5. In the title of abstracts, all words  (except for words which include lower case characters with a special meaning, like “pH” or “NaCI”) must be written with upper case characters.
  6. Abstracts could include only 2 tables and 1 chart.
  7. Standard shortenings are accepted. If there is a special abbreviations, full expansion of the abbreviation must be written in the bracet after firstly use of abbreviation.
  8. First letters of special drug names must be written in capital letters. Usage of General (generic) drug names are preffered.
  9. References which used in abstracts must be quoted in the text, not as a footnote at the end of text


Abstracts submission deadline is February 5, 2018. Abstracts which send after this date will not be accepted.